Hi there! My very first half marathon is coming up in 20 days. I will be participating in the Providence (Rhode Island) Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on August 19th. I have been training for it since….March. What can I say, I am a planner if nothing else. I feel ready, and I am super excited! I’m also nervous as hell. I am not a huge fan of doing races, probably because I haven’t done many. I’ve completed three 5ks (the first I walked), and a 10k back in April. My longest training run so far was nearly 14 miles, so I should be fine with 13.1 miles. My long term goal is to complete a marathon, ideally next year. I have one in mind for October 2013. Stay tuned for a series of posts about how I got here, from weighing over 400 pounds. Thanks for visiting! Amanda